Working as a therapist ….

And now adding on my life’s second passion, is now becoming an job in itself. I am now starting my art business in South Florida. What does that require? For one thing it requires courage. And lots of it. Having been known as a therapist and LCSW in South Florida and in New York City, makes it a bit more difficult to present yet another aspect of my history and my passions.

I would like to teach art, continue to paint and draw as well as educate young people in learning about our history, great artists, and bring that,to the teaching experience in South Florida. I have a new website: where I post my digital art as well as my paintings and illustrations on both paper and canvas. It is no easy task trying to balance life as a therapist and life as an artist. I love them both.

So you may ask why am I doing this? Some things cannot be helped, as passions always fuel your motives, your thoughts and ultimately your behaviors. I am now drawing more than ever before on my iPad Pro, learning digital art on apps that are astounding. As I use them I am often both amused and exhilarated, at the prospect of what the apps can do in the hands of artists everywhere. It is learning a new language, free from paper and canvas and the smell of turpentine. It takes up an enormous amount of space in my head.

So I welcome your visits, your follows and your commentary on my website. I also have begun on Instagram under Rita Deutsch Art. Visit me in either place or both, as I welcome a new guest, the possibility of teaching art in South Florida, after a recent move back from the greatest city in the world, New York. Miami is definitely a runner up.


Published by Rita Deutsch Art

NYC born and raised, attended the High School of Art and Design in New York City, Brooklyn College (CIty University of New York) receiving my BA in fine arts, training as an educator to NYC high school students. Designing lace and embroidery, home furnishing and wall coverings for design studios in NYC,as well as a freelance illustrator for children’s wear and embroidery design. My art is both digital and on canvas. I currently reside in Miami where I design from my home studio. I may live in paradise....🌴. All work is original. Contact for inquiries: Rita Deutsch Art ( IG )

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