Sketch today

I like to draw on canvas. It offers texture, a way to express my art without feeling confined to paper …

via St Patrick’s Day Elf

So what does a female elf do during the upcoming St Patrick’s day celebrations? She dresses in green of course… but a pope like hat?  She is definitely testing her gender rights….

via A snails life

a view of perhaps one of the slower forms of life, not always visible to the busy day to day eyes of humanity, but the snail is a geometrically beautiful creature, given to a slowness that doesn’t conform to the pace of modern life. Perhaps that is why I chose the snail to be art for young eyes ( and those who subscribe to the frivolity, joy and sanctity of youth). I am adding snail, faces and flowers to my site for those who can imagine the often unimaginable. -Rita (

F. Scott’s Girl

of course F Scott had a girlfriend… in my mind’s eye this is that special woman and here, she is …