Drawing Digital is An Amazing experience….

So, I realize that traditional methods are still out in the forefront of the artists communities. My experience has been one of wonder, as well as finding initially a loss of control I needed to get the initial sketch off the ground.

In this medium, controlling the brushes and size of your stroke are essential to mastering the sketch. Eventually your practice starts do pay off.

Girl Reclining

My IPad is a marvel and I am in awe of what I am capable of doing, but my friends, exhibiting their works on canvas still have a very distinct advantage. In this medium you are somewhat locked into sending an image and lack the concrete and pleasurable experience of exhibiting your work as is.


A snails life

via A snails life

a view of perhaps one of the slower forms of life, not always visible to the busy day to day eyes of humanity, but the snail is a geometrically beautiful creature, given to a slowness that doesn’t conform to the pace of modern life. Perhaps that is why I chose the snail to be art for young eyes ( and those who subscribe to the frivolity, joy and sanctity of youth). I am adding snail, faces and flowers to my site for those who can imagine the often unimaginable. -Rita ( Deutscharts@gmail.com)